Cloning A Camp

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This Firewood Camps feature gives you the ability to clone a previously created camp.

Are you offering a recurring camp on different dates? Do you offer the same camp every year? Utilize this feature to save time when creating a new event with the exact information duplicated from a previously created one!

Changing the camp dates can be easily done using the camp edit page.

If duplicated events are published simultaneously, be sure to differentiate the titles (College ID Camp I vs. College ID Camp II).


  1. Sign in to your issued Admin Account.
  2. On the main admin dashboard, select "Events".
  1. Locate desired previous camp and click the "Clone" button.
  1. Review the camp edit page to update any changes in information.
    1. Confirm the camp date is updated to the correct value.
    2. Make any other changes you need to the information.
  1. Scroll to bottom of page and click "Save".
You can always go back and edit the camp if you realized you made a mistake or need to update anything.
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