Creating a Discount

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This Firewood Camps feature allows you to create a discount that can be provided to a camper, reducing the amount they are required to pay.


  1. Sign in to your Issued Admin Account.
  2. Select the "Discounts" button.
  1. Select the "New Discount".
  1. Complete the necessary fields to create a discount.
    1. Discount Type:
      1. Percentage: Desired percentage offered off of full price.
      2. Amount: Desired amount offered off of full price.
    2. Title (Internal Use): Allows you to save the discount with a distinct name for your records.
    3. Amount Off ($ or %): Depending on "Discount Type" that was set above. This will allow you to give the actual amount off that will be applied.
    Write percentage discount as whole number (20% discount should be written as "20", NOT ".20").
    1. Discount Code: Code that users will type in to use discount. Check active box to make it usable.
  2. Click "Save Discount".
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