03 - Adding Liability Waiver

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This page will guide you through the process of adding your liability waiver to your account.

You must have a liability waiver attached to your account and obtain a signature from each camper going through your registration. This is required to be completed before you are able to accept registration payment through your Firewood site.

For help constructing your liability waiver, consult with a legal professional to ensure your business is properly protected.


  1. Sign in to your Firewood Camps Website.
If you have forgotten your Firewood login information, reset your password on your site. You can also reach out to operations@firewoodcamps.com for help.
  1. Click the "Waivers" tab found on the left side of your dashboard.
  1. Select the "+Liability Waiver" button.
  1. Add your waiver.
  1. Once finished, select "Save Waiver".
Please contact operations@firewoodcamps.com if you have any questions or comments about this HelpDoc.
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