Changing Camps

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Have you fully completely the registration process only to realize you accidentally selected the wrong camp?

Do you just simply want to change which camp you have registered for?

This page will guide you through the process of getting registered for the correct camp!

As long as the camp you are wishing to switch to is not full, we are pretty flexible with changes.


  1. Email the associated email on the website and be sure to CC
  2. After we receive confirmation that the requested camp is still available, we will contact you to confirm that the change has been made.
If the new camp is more expensive, we will ask for your confirmation to charge your card the extra amount.
If the new camp is less expensive, we will be sure to give you a partial refund for the price difference. Please allow 5-10 business days before this partial refund is reflected in your account.
  1. Be sure to check your account to confirm the change has been reflected.
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