Camp Day Checklist

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You made it! Camp day is just around the corner and you want to make sure you are prepared for the big day. Below you will find the suggested step by step actions that need to be taken in order for your camp day to run smoothly.

Detailed guides for each step can be accessed by clicking the links provided.

Suggested Steps:

  1. Export Attending Camper List
    1. This list will be helpful during check in and will create a master list of information on each camper.
  2. Closing Down Registrations for Camp
    1. We suggest unchecking the open for business box. The event page will remain posted on your site allowing campers to access all camp information, but the registration gateway will be closed.
  3. Processing Refunds
    1. If a camper has discovered they are unable to attend a camp in the days leading up to your camp date, you have complete flexibility to provide full or partial refunds at your discretion. If your refund policy allows actions to be taken, processing refunds is a simple process.
  4. Switching Campers to a Different Camp
    1. If a camper has discovered they are unable to attend the camp they have registered for but are able to attend a later date, you are able to easily switch them from the current camp to a future one.
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