08 - Your First Event

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This page will guide you through the entire process of creating your first event.

Have additional questions about the event creation process? Reach out to our operations team at operations@firewoodcamps.com for help.


Create Your First Event:

To start, click on the "Create Event" tab found on your Admin Dashboard.

Event Title:

This is the title your customer will see when visiting your website - informative and concise titles usually work best.

The best titles for readability contain four to six words [ex: "Youth Summer Day Camp"]
Use numbers - or roman numerals - to distinguish between sessions for similar camp concepts


We recommend adding your locations to your website before creating your first event. Instructions for doing so can be found in our Adding a Location HelpDoc.

Use the smart location select field to add locations to your event - you can add multiple named locations for pick-up, facilities, drop-off, and so on.

Make sure to verify all locations have their full addresses in the system. Doing so adds Google Maps links to the registration success, camp and location show pages.

You have the ability to create named locations in the field by using the "+" button on the right hand side of the field.

Selecting Your Dates:

Found below are the different Firewood Event Types you can choose from. Each has a different way to set event dates.

One Day Event:

Click the date once to initially select it - click it again to confirm.

Date Range Selection:

For events spanning consecutive days, your first click sets the event start date and your second click sets the event end date.

Sessions / Events On Non-Consecutive Days:

This is for events spanning days that are not consecutive (think training sessions every Tuesday and Friday for a 3-week period.)

Click each of the dates when sessions are taking place.

Be sure to change your Event Type to "Sessions" to select non-consecutive dates.
This feature is in beta and still being actively worked on. When editing your session dates you may need to double click to reset the datepicker (and in some instances, re-select your dates to ensure the system is aware of them).

Price Points:

Price Points allow you to set prices and capacity limits for camp registration blocks. You can limit registrants by position by selecting the relevant position from the dropdown.

Every event is comprised of different blocks of registrants - we know that it can be valuable to distinguish between different camper types.

Splitting registrants into price points makes it easy to offer early bird pricing specials, set different prices for residential / day campers, and to classify by position (field player / goal keeper.)

It's possible to hide price points if you don't want them to show up during the registration process. This can be useful for turning early bird pricing on / off - it also makes it easy to close registration for specific positions.

Price points can be deleted freely prior to an event being published or until someone has registered using a price point.

Admin Users can delete a price point after event creation - as long as registrants under that price point are reassigned to active event price points.
Setting Your Primary Price Point:

Only set one Primary Price Point.

This is the initial selection for users when they arrive at your event checkout page.

Do not hide your primary price point.
Setting a Position Specific Price Point:

Event Type:

Data collection is adaptable based on the event type you choose - a breakdown of smart fields based on event type is below.

If you have a custom registration flow your data collection preferences may be different - contact the Firewood Operations team if you have questions regarding your data collection preferences.
Overnight Camp aka Traditional ID Camp:

Selecting this Event Type adds fields to collect data on GPA/SAT/ACT scores, graduation years and roommate preference to the event registration process.

The dates for your event should be continuous and last two or more days.

One Day:

Selecting this Event Type ensures your one day event is formatted correctly - roommate preference and lodging data is not collected.


Select non-consecutive days - typically paired with a custom registration flow.

Day Camp:

Useful when running a day event for younger kids where you do not need to collect recruiting data points.

ID Day Camp:

Selecting this Event Type adds fields for GPA/SAT/ACT Score and graduation year - but does not add roommate preference fields.


Our smart age field allows you to add age related information to your event. This field is designed to be as flexible as possible to suit your needs.

Type in your desired age description (i.e. "Grades 9-10", "Ages 5-11", "Graduation Years 2023-2026", etc.) and click the "Add" button below the field to add it to your event and to save it in the system for future use.

Only want your event open to Grades 9-10? Ages 5-11? Graduation Years 2023-2026? These can all be easily added and re-used in the future.


Milestones allow you to highlight information about your event - do you have an awards ceremony open to parents? An all-star game? An open scrimmage? Call those landmark events out using Milestones.

Milestones appear on your Event pages above the Event Description.

This is a great spot to add pick up and drop off info.

Event Description:

The Event Description is where you can include more details about your event. It's a great place to market your event - to delve into what makes it great and why people should attend. The event description also happens to be included in every registration confirmation email - along with the event title, date, time, amount paid, google map links to any attached locations, and add to calendar links.

It's the perfect place to share event schedules, critical camp info, information on coaches attending from other schools (for ID camps), etc.

The Firewood platform makes it easy to embed Youtube videos and to add images to the event description as well.

All Event Description information - including schedules, embedded images and embedded youtube videos - will be included in your registration confirmation email.

Event Photo:

Upload a high-quality, event specific photo.

This image will display prominently on your camp page.

Event Photo Sizing: For the best results, we recommend uploading images with a width of 960px and a height of 550px.

Manage Event-Specific settings:

"Collect Tee Shirt Sizes?": This setting turns on T-Shirt data collection.

"Publish" - This setting publishes your event to your Firewood site.

"Open For Business?" - This setting opens your event for registration.

Configuration: "Publish" Off / "Open for Business" On - You can use this powerful configuration to share a registration link so that waitlisted campers can register - without re-opening your event to the public.


You've created your first event!

You're ready to start accepting registrations, operating your business, dominating SEO-wise on Google, and receiving lightning fast payouts through the Firewood platform.

Please contact operations@firewoodcamps.com if you have any questions or comments about this HelpDoc.
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