Duplicate Registrations

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Do you see both a paid and unpaid registration on your account?

Have you received two confirmation emails?

We will explain why below.

What Does This Mean?:

No need to stress - You have not been charged twice for the same camp.

Duplicate registrations happen when there is a glitch in the system due to faulty internet connection during the final payment process, the page has been refreshed, or the payment process is simply taking longer than expected.

These duplications happen to make sure you still get registered for camp if the payment process was unsuccessful.

We are always monitoring client registrations and will remove any unnecessary unpaid registrations on your account, so feel free to ignore these transactions.

We are looking forward to having you out at Camp!

If you see two "Paid" registrations on your account and were only expecting to see one, please reach out directly to support@firewoodcamps.com. We will quickly remedy this charge.
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